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Chat and Spin RADIO the new station you know you gotta tune into and experience the fresh vibes each day.

Information about the radio

Сhat and Spin RADIO was born into the world of Internet Radio by Chris Patterson (LIMELIGHTS), Gillian Patterson, Ian Johnson, Ron Clark, Lynne Pinner and Lewis Perry McAdam (DJ PERRY) . A combined team with the shared passion of music covering many genres including Classical, Dance and General Pop as well as Rock.

Radio contacts

Phone: 0191 4163887


Genres: dance rock pop

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Ron Clark, 5 months ago
Excellent radio station.
Carol Creasey, 5 months ago
What a friendly and welcoming radio station with informal chat and great music! Their support of people like myself, authors and musicians, trying to become known is amazing. Thank you so much!
Mark Bestia Olbrich, 4 months ago
Just what we all need. Great music selection, obviously friendly hosts, something for everyone too. Uber cool
Errol Baptiste, 4 months ago
Excellent work by helping authors like myself also very amazing thank you very much.
Christine Johnson, 4 months ago
Thanks for the invite to do an author interview on your radio show. So good of you to promote new writers. It means a lot to all of us.
Ed Green, 4 months ago
Thank you So Much for the Interview.
Marina Berger, 4 months ago
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and my books on the air. It was a great experience.
Emmanuel Kor, 5 months ago
Thank you for having me on Chat and Spin Radio to speak about my book, "Sexual Intelligence". It was a great experience.
Melissa Marsden, 4 months ago
Thanks so much for having me on your show
Marie Hamer, 4 months ago
Thanks for having me on the show to promote my book: Scars of Silent Footprints. I love the radio station and the music is great. Thanks Ron and stay safe X
Amy Doc, 4 months ago
This station is great!
Piero Pomponi, 5 months ago
fantastic radio. love the books interview
Lyn Dew, 5 months ago
Thank you Simon
Donna Moffet, 4 months ago
Thank you so much for having me on the show
Ian Dawson, 4 months ago
Your 8-10 presenter , Mary, played my request to play a Josh Groban was really special to hear the request & knowing it was being heard with Chat&Spin Radio listners around the world - awesome!
John Brown, 5 months ago
Desmond’s Choices is brilliant! Go Desmond! Wishing you a very happy birthday, today. John and Emi
Diana Radtke, 5 months ago
Enjoyed this very much Loved the interview with Amber Higgins (book author)of Family Disaster Dogs ♥️♥️🐕‍🦺 Very interesting Thank you
Ann-marie Quigley, 4 months ago
Enjoyed the interview with Mel Wells and her childrens books sound amazing and full of adventures on a Sail Boat.👍
Julie Nelson, 4 months ago
I enjoyed being on the Chat and Spin Radio show talking about my book series, Shadows of Home (Jules Nelson). And as a bonus, I have found my new favorite place to listen to Christmas music!
Carl Porten, 4 months ago
Was a great time chatting with these guys. Thank you Ian, Ron and team for the chance to promote my books... Best of luck and can’t wait to be back again...
David Campbell, 4 months ago
Thank you to Tessa Williams for inviting The Sunart Soap Company onto her show today to talk about our journey and the passion we have for our products. Look forward to a return invite at some point. Great show and keep up the good work. David
Catherine Basilicata, 4 months ago
Great radio station, looking forward to speaking with you and being interviewed on the 27 February- regards Catherine Basilicata 😊
Eugenia Fain, 5 months ago
Excellent selection of Christmas music. I am enjoying the station tremendously. I am glad I found it. High five! Eugenia Fain
Amanda Lewis, 4 months ago
I really appreciated being interviewed by Chat and Spin about my paintings and look forward to speaking with them again in the future.
PYEDAWGS 1986, 5 months ago
Excellent taste in music... we love listening to your station. Definitely will continue listening, thanks for the great tunes.
Mike Effa, 5 months ago
Just had my first international radio interview courtesy of chatandspin radio.
Oliver Paglia, 5 months ago
Thanks again to Ian and Ron for my first interview on chatandspin. Got to speak briefly about my books. Looking forward to doing it again soon. Also, good to hear Nirvana!