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Classic FM

Largest national commercial radio station in the UK

Classic FM is the largest national commercial radio station in the UK, reaching 5.7 million people every week. From inception, Classic FM’s groundbreaking vision was to build not simply a radio station, but a powerful brand in its own right. The result is a multi-award winning, industry-leading radio offering and a successful record label, magazine, publishing arm, live concert division and interactive website, which simultaneously delight consumers and offer fully integrated media solutions to advertisers. Classic FM can be heard on 100-102 FM, Digital Radio, digital TV and online throughout the UK.

Information about the radio

Classic FM is an independent national radio station in the United Kingdom. It started broadcasting in 1992 with birdsongs and other countryside sounds. After 2 months of such test transmission they switched to classical music format. Nowadays they offer a mix of talk, music and news but are still devoted exclusively to popular classical music genre. During the first several years the playlist of Classic FM got more than 50,000 music pieces that were manually selected and rated. Later on this radio implement automatic system for playlist creation with specific rotation rules.

Radio contacts

Address: 30 Leicester Square London WC2H 7LA, England, UK

Phone: 03457 491812


Genres: classic

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Benya Krik, 4 months ago
God radio.
Sándor Malik, 4 months ago
Teri Wells, 4 months ago
very calm very good for working in the afternoon . Teri Wells New Orleans , Louisiana
Alex Carvajal, 4 months ago
Esta perfecta.. es de las estaciones que más escucho.
Jorge Vasconcelos Gonçalves, 5 months ago
Paola Antinori, 4 months ago
I'm listening this radio from Italy. I'm so happy. In Italy we haven't a radio like this ❤
David Goodine, 4 months ago
Who is playing The Max Bruch violin Concerto.
Max P., 4 months ago
One of my favourite radios!
, 4 months ago
Classic radio!
Maria Grazia Costa, 4 months ago
Clever and quait.
Cajethan Chukwujekwu, 4 months ago
As cool and quiet as breeze,Amazing station.
Witold Kostecki, 4 months ago
Yes, nice to have it:)
Nevets Teven, 4 months ago
Greating from Colombia south ameria.
Eric Richards, 4 months ago
Very good and I like the jig saw 'Puzzles' I found from a link on this webpage near the top of the page, to do while listening to the radio station, 4 months ago
Exceptional classical music it’s a must have .
Richard Guillemette, 4 months ago
Certainement, la meilleure musique classique au monde! Je n'ai trouvé aucune autre station comme celle-ci qui rencontre mes goûts de vraie musique classique.
Mario de Medeiros, 4 months ago
Barry Black, 4 months ago
Adan Cruz, 5 months ago
Excellent music
Оксана Шкред, 4 months ago
Прекрасное радио! Wonderful!
Rob Brisbane-Webb, 4 months ago
krásná hudba
Javier Ruiz-Alonso, 4 months ago
Pretty good, I've come across previously unknown composers I love (Myslivecek for instance) thanks to this station's playlist curation.
Edmilton sebastião, 4 months ago
gosto de ouvir músicas clássicas, dependendo do meu estado de espírito!
Tsvetelin Tsvetkov, 4 months ago
Love it!
Magda Tomsio, 4 months ago
Cudowne i naprawdę klasyczne!!!! Kocham Was!!!
Gianni Torelli, 4 months ago
I'm an Italian man who lives in Sweden: studying Swedish with Classic fM music background is AMAZING!! TACK SÅ MYCKET for every single song!! (Ps I love Pavarotti.......
Boris Kanamat, 4 months ago
Cool radio
David Law, 4 months ago
Most fine.