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Cosmic FuzzFm

Cosmic FuzzFm

Free Stoner/Desert and Heavy Psych Rock Radio

Free Stoner/Desert and Heavy Psych Rock Radio.. 24/7. Full album plays and Daily Artist Features. Our mission - Spreading the Fuzz throughout the Universe...

Information about the radio

WEEKLY SCHEDULE 3pm and at 8pm Uk time
Coming up
Sunday 12th - Ten Foot Wizard - "Get out of you Mind"
Tuesday 14th - River Cult - "Chilling Effect"
Wednesday 15th - Classic stoner Dayz - Acrimony - "Tumuli Shroomaroom"
Fuzz Friday 17th - Conan and Deadsmoke - "Doom Session vol1"

Genres: rock heavy metal

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Cosmic FuzzFm, 5 months ago
👌 My go to Radio all the time because they play what i like.