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Dance UK Radio

Best dance music mix

Dance UK plays the best dance music mix. Club, House, Dance & Trance, you are in the right place. Dance UK also plays a great selection of top DJ podcasts throughout the day such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Judge Jules & Paul Oakenfold.


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Алексей Непомнящий, 4 months ago
Ismael Colvez, 4 months ago
Александр Родионов, 4 months ago
Massimo Roggiani, 4 months ago
hi… a kiss from Italy - Fiorano Modenese
Emma Matthews, 4 months ago
Awesome hold tight ✊
Leopold Kroll, 4 months ago
Great tunes on here love it 🕺🏻
charle reilly, 4 months ago
love it
Wilkistar Khandasi, 4 months ago
Listening from Nairobi Kenya! 🔥🔥🔥
milen marinov, 4 months ago
Антон Шевченко, 4 months ago
Listening from Chernigov, Ukraine!!
Daz Sherlock, 4 months ago
Fm and it's not for frequency modulation effing magic
Sławomir Wróblewski, 4 months ago
Ale Salamon, 4 months ago
One hundred percent my music!
Liz Simpson, 4 months ago
perfect for your lock down kitchen club nights
Paul Attree, 4 months ago
since i came across this , i have cancelled my sky subscription dont watch tv no more all rubbish repeats
Dot Hulme, 5 months ago
Great station I love it I have a shop and when the !little kids come in they dance to the .music .
Eduard Cromin, 4 months ago
Отличная музыка!
Robertino van der Vlies, 4 months ago
goed hoor dat hij ook op dance uk radio aan dacht krijg hij zo lang bezig mijn dj nummer 1 van de werld is geweest maar het gaat nog wel een keer gebeuren hoor dat hij weer de nummer 1 is
Bobby Feuerstein, 4 months ago
Great song selections.. Listening to different music here in Arizona from the UK..
Cesar HC, 4 months ago
five stars for the master Radio Dance :D
Владислав Рахманин, 4 months ago
I listen this radio at my work. I'm PPC Specialist and work with this type of music it's amazing and not so boring) Great radio. Hello Ukraine and England!
Zofia Misztal, 4 months ago
this radio is very danceable
Гай Юлий Цезарь, 4 months ago
Норм радио!
Chennelle Halcrow, 4 months ago
Love your music
Graham Thurston, 4 months ago
I have literally never known a radio station to smash out one banger after another!! I listen to this whilst working from home and it is truly keeping me going! Simply brilliant, keep it up, thank you!