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Fusion 87.5 Fm The Midlands Finest - Play everything from Soul / Rare grooves to house and bassline / speed garage we are a multi genre station

Radio contacts

Phone: +447894845455

Genres: dance house

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Lee Sargent, 4 months ago
Richard Newberry, 5 months ago
Wicked, sounds great.
Harjeet Singh, 5 months ago
Number 1 Station on fm good line up djs good signal
Jane Litten, 4 months ago
Just to say great idea
Paulie Russell, 4 months ago
Yes smashing it
Clever Ricky, 4 months ago
Big up Owen from Tamworth got it lockafff
Darren Mckeown, 5 months ago
awsome station, just like the good old days..
Words Well-written, 5 months ago
First time listener today!!!! What can i say everything from classics to warpers. heard it all today. Geeza is on the Shout outs and knows his hardcore regulars . Best one ive heard in a long time! Respect
t t, 5 months ago
Fusion fm bank holiday Monday Easter dj banni 3pm till 6pm live on fusion 87.5
, 4 months ago
Shout to the Banni DJ
Ryan Thomas, 4 months ago
Shout out to Ryan and Tammy 😁
Anthony Duhig, 4 months ago
Shout to ant and kush from dpd
Aaron Roberts, 4 months ago
Shout out to Tammy Aaron and bobby
Steven Gray, 5 months ago
Sasha Horton, 5 months ago
Good job!
Ryan Johnson, 5 months ago
Yooo big Mike shout out Ryannnnnn
Julia Healy, 4 months ago
TUNE! Shout out chelle and j
Joseph Lawson, 5 months ago
Good choons👍🏻