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SLE bringing the Unsigned acts out of the shadows and into your hearts with some of the finest artists, composers, singers bands playing on the station you will find your next favourite song right here ahead of the crowd.

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Slipmattmaster Lloydsandevans, 4 months ago
Listened to the Club Electric show from Viperdrive on Friday evening at 18:00pm was fantastic for a synthwave fan like me :)
Jim Dandy, 4 months ago
I tuned in to the Sunday service, with the right reverent Grunge Norris, the music was awesome, i found the Saboteurs on here and really enjoyed the banter.
Limbocast, 4 months ago
Best station on the planet. I love the music selection and all the DJ's and hosts are jusy the greatest. I'm really glad I found this
Grunge Norris, 5 months ago
Truly putting the Grrrrr back into Guerrilla Radio. Great music from some truly outstanding artists delivered by people who care about the music you’re listening to. A must for all aficionados of the Alternative.
Hans Flikkema, 4 months ago
Just great!