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TruckStopRadio is a fully community-ran and online radio station for the Simulation community that launched on the 12th May 2020!

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Genres: pop top40

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TruckStopRadio, 4 months ago
Great Radio.
Toby, 5 months ago
Enjoyable and fun station.
Oliver Retwel, 5 months ago
great radio!
VeLociTy XTRoLl, 5 months ago
Brilliant radio station!
Jason, 4 months ago
Love the station it's awesome my number 1 station I would listen to its the best station I've known
William Tra, 4 months ago
Sounds great luv the music your playing and very few interruptions ! ! Yea that's the best part ! Keep up the great work :)
, 5 months ago
ItsHarryUK, 4 months ago