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Undergroundfm broadcast as a pirate radio station in the early 90`s across London and Essex. Our diversity comes from a rich background and complex evolutionary process. Since it is impossible to fully understand the history of drum and bass without understanding its roots.

Information about the radio

In the late 80's hip hop with breakbeat plus experimenting with a bass synth formed the backbone of acid house named because of the acidic sound.
Acid house parties spread over to the UK. The parties started off small, and the details and locations were only spread by word of mouth. The fact that only select people found out about these parties made it very appealing, and everyone wanted a piece of the action. Large illegal raves starting popping up,
The authorities in England became aware of all the illegal rave parties, saw people take drugs and go mad over the climax of rough simple beats. Was that the future?
Drum and bass evolved out of a number of different musical cultures, and is still doing so today. Drum and bass is one of the most diverse sub genres of electronic music, with its own sub genres forging connections with just about any other type of music from techno to jazz.
But really its Simply Drum & Bass everyone takes it on there journey " Drum N Bass its Timless !! "

Radio contacts

Phone: 07497-062-778



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