Venture FM Radio listen online

Venture FM Radio is an interent radio station from London, England, United Kingdom, providing Reggae music.

Radio contacts

Phone: 07960364261


Genres: pop reggae

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Robert Stephen, 4 months ago
Two days on and i'm hooked ...NICE!
Carolyn Gurzong, 4 months ago
The breakfast show keeps me while driving around .The station is fantastic
Beverley Campbell, 4 months ago
This station is rocking, loving the vibes krep it going, never stop big up all the DJ's
Chris Jordanou, 4 months ago
Da! BOOM love and raspect from the greek rasta
Tia McDonald, 4 months ago
One love all the way from Glasgow bless up mummy Jayne Shannon Tia also Amelia and me son in law raysean play the music one love
Natasha Charles Moncrieffe, 4 months ago
pd coolie big up
Lawrence Carr, 4 months ago
Tuff tuff
Spencer Brabant, 4 months ago
Proper. Glad to find uno again!
Gregory Fabolous, 4 months ago
Morning Selector Big Vibes Gregoryfabulous seh Dat....
Lenworth Johnson, 4 months ago
Nice vibes sugar B much blessings for Philadelphia AKA major banton
Josephine Mcvitie, 4 months ago
Gregory fabulous in the morning....sweet vibes!!
Clevere Grosvenor, 4 months ago
hail all the way from Barbados and we loving the vibes
aron96237, 4 months ago
bless up from S/V/J/ BARBER
Janet Kelly, 4 months ago
Thank God for pirates!!! Greatest Dj's😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Jennifer Tomar, 4 months ago
Great relaxing Sunday tunes - that's our 'VENTURE FM' See it deh!
Danny Simon, 4 months ago
Gwan Wassie from Danny Mack.
Jay Holford, 4 months ago
Why can't I hear Music like this when I go out cha!!!!!
Mojo Stewart, 4 months ago
Our hair is a living thing .The value of life our life as been lowered by society and everything to do with us ,how we look talk etc...
Surinah Giddz, 4 months ago
Big tunes man 🔥🔥🔥
josiah seavis, 4 months ago
Big up Sugar B Platinum show every time|||||||
Robert Stephen, 4 months ago
Excellent set for a Saturday Afternoon.
Keith Johnson, 4 months ago
God bless venture fm. Big up all radio presenters on this station. I especially enjoy sundays from 3pm until midnight, music is impeccable 👍🏾😊
Sara Sowe, 4 months ago
Loving the show Marisa Sa 😘
Jenniffer Thomas, 4 months ago
Jennisis loving your programme keep up the good work. Blessings
Joanne C Turner, 4 months ago
Dad jah jah si lasi i And i never leave even if i had to returner of the macky rain fall still got ya back dad jah one love biggin up jah love venture never leave england jammin ina endz any time wid you
Ms Paulene, 4 months ago
Bless you Royal Diadem. Your journey is encouraging and inspiring. Each track resonates with me. I grew up with Lovers Rock, I am grateful you use this genre to spread the Word. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Bev Ledgister, 4 months ago
Norris Taylor, 4 months ago
enjoying the vibes with sonia and skelly
Ron Morgan, 4 months ago
That mirror with the afro, I still have one in mint condition, I bought it in Camberwell 1978
Lascelle Williams, 4 months ago
Lovely choons. From mightylas.